Medical Providers Workers' Compensation Professional FAQ

Medical Provider Workers' Comp Professional FAQ

Why was the program developed?

The program was developed by a collaborative effort of the Education Committee, The Medical Committee, and the Licensure and Self Insurance Committee at the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation to increase the medical providers understanding of Georgia’s workers’ compensation system. In recent years, many stakeholders in the workers’ compensation arena have agreed there is a direct connection between the overall quality of our workers’ compensation system and the quality of the medical care provided to injured workers. The Medical Provider Workers’ Compensation Training program was developed to provide medical providers with a better understanding of the Workers’ Compensation Act and the responsibilities of all participants in the workers’ compensation system. While the information contained in the program is meant to be a resource for medical providers, it is not intended to change the role of the provider, which is to render high quality and impartial treatment to injured workers.


Who should go through this program?

Physicians, along with any staff members assisting with workers' compensation patients (work comp manager, office manager, PA, MA).  We are also getting specialists going through the program that would not ordinarily be on a panel.


What are the course requirements?

We have revamped the course and it is entirely web based to make the program more accessible for physician practices. THAT MEANS YOU WILL NOT HAVE TO ATTEND A LIVE WORKSHOP!

 You have to complete 5 web based modules to complete the training.

  1. Introduction to the MPWCP Program
  2. MPWCP Training Overview of Georgia Law
  3. MPWCP GettingPaid
  4. Return To Work
  5. Best Practices for Medical Providers


Can you tell me a little more about how I access the training?

This brief tutorial will explain how you access the training for teh medical provider program.


What are the topics covered?

  • What is workers’ compensation
  • The State Board of Workers’ Compensation
  • The legal effect
  • Types of benefits
  • Catastrophic injuries
  • Who are the participants
  • What is a compensable claim
  • Medical Treatment Under Workers’ Compensation
  • Reimbursement for a Medical Claim
  • Return to Work
  • Board Forms Medical Providers need to be familiar with
  • Coding/CPT
  • Disability rating
  • Use of fee schedule
  • How are medical providers involved in the legal system
    1. Depositions
    2. Expert witness
  • Doctor Notes and other documentation
  • How to put together action plan
  • Use of IME’s
  • Medical Bill Disputes
  • Release of records
  • Transportation
  • Translation


What are the program benefits?

  • To promote professionalism
  • To improve Communication
  • To assist Providers in their billing practice


What is the cost of the program?

Physicians - $395
Other than Physicians - $250

Annual Recertification -  $195


Is there an annual recertfiication?

Yes, we have yearly recert for the MPWCP Program.  To maintain your State Board of Workers' Compensation designation as a MPWCP (the program is a voluntary program), you must complete annual continuing education requirements through RMI beginning the first year after your initial certification.  All recert work is accessible on-line 24/7.


How can Employers Insurers and TPA's help with this initiative.

The first thing you can do to support this initiative is to help us get the word out to your panel physicians.  This can be done one of two ways.  You can contact your panel physicians directly. Click Here for an insert to send to your physician. Or you can send us an endorsement letter (see above) and a copy of your panel.  You can email panel to  We greatly appreciate your support!  If you do contact your physicians directly please shoot us a copy of your letter and we will post it on our website.  Or just let us know that you assisted our efforts so you can receive special recognition at the State Boards Annual Conference. (just drop us an email)